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Let us tell a story that captivates your audience
and encourages your desired call-to-action!

Animated Logos

Any 5 Animations - $150

Take your brand's aesthetics to new heights! Let us create eye-popping, professional animations of numerous styles using your existing logo for use at on your content videos, courses, social media, and websites.

Basic Video Editing

Basic Edited Video (60 Seconds) - $300

Provide us with one or more videos (up to 5) and let us edit them for mistakes, create a collage with other videos, add effects and transitions, and other minor customizations.

Full Video Production

Fully Produced Video (120 Seconds)  - $750

Don't have a video but want to create one? We can create your script and design the entire concept or give you guidelines to work with to maximize your video's effectiveness. Then, we add music, images, text, animations, stock video, audio and visual effects, transitions, screen captures, and more to tell the story of your video, captivate viewers, and persuade your desired call to action.
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We've created hundreds of videos that our clients and their viewers love!
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Why You Should Choose Us:

Script Writing

Don't have any idea what to say in your video to promote your product, event, or service? Let us write your script word for word using our proven format to create interest and move the viewer to action.

Already have an idea of what you want to say, but aren't sure the best way to say it? We'll give you a custom template with guidelines for each segment of the video.

Mistake Editing

Stop wasting your time in frustration recording take after take trying to make it through a video without making mistakes. We'll teach you the techniques to record efficiently, even how to make and fix mistakes mid-take such that we can seamlessy edit it into a quality video. 


Let us bring your video to life with images, short animations, text graphics, and other effects. Have multiple videos that you want to get clips of in a strategic order? Send us the files and we design and produce it from start to finish!

Fast Turnaround

In a bind and need a quick delivery? We have several skilled team members and a streamlined pipeline system that allows us to turn around quality videos as quickly as 24 hours if necessary.
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We've been blessed to work with faith-based entrepreneurs, pastors, churches, and ministries all over the country! Here are some of the clients who have trusted us in 2021:

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